Starting a security business

security guard businessIf you’re interested in starting a security business, this blog post is just for you. The alarming increase in business-related crimes like break-ins ad hold ups has created a steady demand for security business.

It’s not enough to rely on security cameras and local police force. Security businesses offer different services including private investigation, repossession, private patrol, surveillance installation, repossession, etc. The market is quite big which includes schools, malls, retail stores, apartments or town houses, events like concert/festivals and even people.

There is a wide market for security services, from providing security to individuals, schools, malls, and companies to securing weddings, events, festivals, and concerts. You have the option of starting your own security business or becoming involved in a franchise.

Requirements for a Security Business

  • Security is about credibility and integrity. You need to pass a criminal background check and be certified by local authorities. Knowledge and experience in this field of security are required. If you lack training, you can enroll in a training facility in your respective area. Military, police, or security experience is a big plus.
  • Access and permit to needed equipment.This include guns, vests, handcuffs, uniforms, pepper spray, Taser, two-way radios, flashlights, armored car, and surveillance gadgets. Equipment varies according to your area of specialization.
  • A decent office. It’s important to have a professional image to your clients and it starts with your office. You can have it at home or rent an office space. The important thing is you keep it tidy and cozy. Access to telephone, fax, and Internet is very important to keep in touch with existing and potential clients.

Marketing Your Security Business

Many starting security businesses struggle with getting new customers particularly in the area where competition is strong. Local advertising is the key. Place an ad to local newspapers, TV and radio to announce your service. Flyers and posters to right areas also help. Cold calling, no matter how stressful, can help jump start your security business.

Check out the clients of your competitors and offer your services. Compete with either a lower rate (if possible) or extra services for the same amount they’re paying right now.

Security Company Franchises

You can build a security from scratch or get franchise of already established security company. No need to build brand image or spend on marketing. Popular franchises include Shield Security Systems, EYESthere,, and L & W Investigations.

Franchise fee is estimated to be around $50,000 to $250,000. You have to follow strictly the system so there’s a limited room to implement your new ideas or system. Plus, there are sales goals that you must meet to maintain the franchise. It’s both good and bad for entrepreneurs.

Starting a security business is great for entrepreneurs who already have experience in law enforcement or the private security industry. While it’s fast growing, it’s not something anyone can start right away.

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