Why do golf balls have dimples?

why do golf balls have dimplesFor some reason the question “why do golf balls have dimples” is searched by so many people lately that it managed to hit top 100 hot trends reported by Google. So I also started wondering why these balls have some dimples. Here’s the most simple answer from GolfLink.com:

“Dimples on golf balls have important aerodynamic effects on the trajectory and distance a golf ball can travel, and offer both positive and negative consequences.

In addition to-ting, effects on, and offer both positive and negative consequences. Dimpled golf balls travel faster and go farther because of the dimples. Golf balls are slowed down, and thrown slightly off course, because of the drag of air against the ball. This friction is minimized when dimples are added to the ball.”

Check out a a more technical explanation at LiveScience.

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