Ovopur Water Filter

Ovopur water filter
Ovopur water filter is what you’ll get if you combine utilitarian sculpture with eco-friendly water filtration system. Created by Canadian entrepreneur Manuel Desrochers, this 23-pound ceramic egg-shaped device can hold about 2.9 gallons of water.

Most importantly, it combines gravity and a glass filter cartridge to purify ordinary tap water. It’s a stylish twist on the 5-gallon plastic water cooler that has been the standard-bearer in homes and offices for years.

To minimize waste, Desrochers utilizes reusable and recycle materials as much as possible. It means the filter inside the Ovopur is reusable, made of blown glass and containing four layers of activated carbon, a zinc and copper alloy, quartz, and a layer of tiny, porous ceramic beads.

Here are the highlights of the article in Reuters:

“Our target market is really 30-50 year old young professionals, who really like the design of it and they’re thrilled to hear that it’s actually functional,” said Noemie, who added they raised the price for the filters from $560 to $660 after their first six months in business. “We really came to this price thinking this clientele is willing to pay for quality, so they’ll spend around $700 for the Ovopur.”

…Desrochers said that despite the Ovopur’s premium price tag, the unit actually saves families money when compared against buying bottled water. After the initial expenditure for the device, Desrochers said it costs consumers roughly another $200 annually for three glass filter cartridges (they retail for $50 each, plus shipping), which have a four-month lifespan. Desrochers added that the average family spends anywhere from $300-600 a year on bottled water and that the Ovopur starts to save families money after two years. Plus consumers don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic bottle into the water.

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