Emotify – express yourself with emoticons


Emotify aims to change the way online readers tag and sort their favorite web pages. Instead of the usual icons such as Digg, twitter or Stumbleupon, emotify wants us tag and bundle comments based on how it make us feel.

Users pull in content via a bookmarklet, or on the website. Once you bring in a piece of content, other users tag the content based on their emotional reactions. Once a user has brought three pieces of total content into the ecosystem, they can build Emotipacks, which is a deck of content. Each Emotipack is labeled with a single main emotional overtone, and put into the proper part of the website, perhaps technology, then web.

Jason Calacanis after hearing founder Shaan pitch the company called it the Delicious of emotions. It is a bold concept. But will users actually get on board and use it?

Emotify needs to find an audience, and on the double. Without having users on the site to create the Emotipacks to distribute, the site will not be able to reach any kind of viral status. Emotify of course integrates with numerous social networks, and so its growth and distribution revolve around finding its core user base to promote their site in their personal channels.

Monetization might be an issue with this creative and unique Web 2.0 idea, in the same manner twitter is having hard time making money despite being so hip and cool.


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