Cargoshell Collapsible Shipping Containers


Cargoshell is a brand new eco-friendly idea for freight storage containers. They are constructed from composites and for that reason significantly lighter than the usual metal container. This company thinks that shipping of a light and portable container will save power (generated by fossil fuels) and as a consequence minimizes CO2-emission significantly.

This decrease of Carbon dioxide will not result in increased expenses, on the contrary. Cost savings in weight and space will cut down the operational expenses, therefore making the Cargoshell an interesting economic idea.

Furthermore, the substance utilized i..e composites do not corrode in contact with air or seawater. Virtually no protective finish should be used, nor a coating for decorative reasons or branding simply because you possibly can paint the actual composite itself. Throughout the life of a Cargoshell it will be pointless to restoration or renew a coating, as opposed to steel containers.

cargoshell 2

And, finally, the roll-out of Cargoshell on a extensive level will even enhance the health and safety at sea as a result of the sufficient track &t racing-sytem possibilities Cargoshell provides. All innovative developments are safeguarded via global patent.


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