Iowa Appliance Rebate Program Starts Today

With the start of  Iowa appliance rebate program today (March 1), approximately 9,000 Iowa homes will have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars on new and low-energy consumption appliances. In fact, the surge of traffic to the state’s official site for this program has experienced system overload a few hours after it opened to the pubic.

What’s covered in this Iowa appliance rebates? Here’s the overview:

– Appliances purchased before March 1, 2010 are not eligible for rebates.
– To be eligible for a rebate, you must be an Iowa resident with a valid Iowa address.
– Appliance purchases must be made from an Iowa retail location to be eligible.
– Internet orders will NOT qualify for rebates.
– There are no income restrictions for rebates.

The state’s $2,775,150 allocation includes rebates on refrigerators and clothes washers and dishwashers.

For details, Iowa residents must either call toll free number 1-877-267-7495 or visit

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