Flying Pig Marathon Winners Announced

The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is the third-largest first-time marathon in the U.S. that welcomes athletes of all running abilities and perhaps a race where anyone can find personal reward. The event started today at 6:30 am and here are the winners:

Toyota 10K Winners

1 Fernando Ceccopieri, 52, of Loveland, 37:19
2 Mark Harrell, 39, of Raleigh, N.C., 37:44
3 Robert Horn, 34, of Red Bank, New Jersey, 38:45

1 Shari Klarfeld, 29, of Plainview, New York, 44:00
2 Schoenfeld of Westwood, 23, 44:01
3 Stephanie Moses, 32, of New York, 46:10

Fleet Feet 5K Winners

1 George Moran,22, of Maineville, 16:40
2 Michael Dehring, of Sycamore Township, 16:42
3 Antony Parnigone,16, of Newtown, 17:36

1 Meghan Ward, 27, of Cincinnati, 20:10
2 Hannah Helmers, 14, of Cincinnati, 20:38
3 Skyler Green, 14, of Dixie Heights, KY, 21:02

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