Car Bomb in Times Square Scares the City

Police discovered an “amateurish” but possibly potent explosive device that apparently started to detonate but failed to blow up in a smoking sport utility vehicle in Times Square, authorities said Sunday.

A large number of travelers were cleared from the streets for 10 hours right after a T-shirt seller alerted law enforcement on the suspicious automobile, that contained 3 propane tanks, fireworks, 2 loaded 5-gallon gas cans, and 2 clocks with batteries, electrical wire as well as other parts, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

No suspects have been in custody, even though Kelly stated a security video revealed the vehicle traveling west on 45th Street just before it parked between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Police were hoping to find much more video from business office buildings that were not open during the time.

A white robotic police arm shattered glass windows of the SUV to get rid of any volatile materials. A Connecticut license plate on the car did not match up, Bloomberg said. Law enforcement interviewed the Connecticut car owner, who reported he had sent the plates to a close by junkyard, Bloomberg said.

Heavily equipped police and emergency vehicles shut down the city’s most popular pavements, choked with taxi cabs and people on one of the very first summer-like times of the entire year. Times Square is situated about four traffic-choked miles north of exactly where terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, then laid waste to it on Sept. 11, 2001.

via AP

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