IQ test for free

iq test for freeEvery now then I try to take my IQ test for free to measure if my brain is simply stagnant or deteriorating. And it’s really fun (if you get high scores). If not, the f*ck the test! It’s flawed hehehe.

Why should you take an IQ test? Well, it’s arguably one of our very important characteristics and it helps us get that dream job. But you should not take the results as it is and call yourself dumb if you don’t get a decent score. It’s just one of the many measures just like EQ and other personality tests. High IQ doesn’t mean you’re better than others. And it doesn’t guarantee success or money (case in point: Paris Hilton)

Here are some sites where you can take free IQ tests:

Free IQ Test
IQ Test Free
Quiz Rocket

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