Ceylon Ground Cinnamon an Online Hit

For some reason I can’t explain so many people online are talking about ceylon ground cinnamon. Naturally, it prompted my curious mind to dig some facts about this hot product trend. It turned out ceylon cinnamon ground is commonly more pricey compared to any cassia versions (chinese variety). In more scientific perspective, ceylon is actually the one and only true cinnamon available in the market today.

Ceylon cinnamon ground is known to be more closely associated with potential health benefits such as control or regulation of blood sugar. What makes this item better than any other related versions out there is its coumarin content or its strong anticoagulant properties. Considering our blood has to sustain its capability to coagulate in times of injuries, too much consumption of coumarins over a long term time frame may present health problems.

Even though the amount of naturally occurring coumarins in Ceylon cinnamon seems to be really small and less than the amount that may trigger health problems, the amount of naturally occurring coumarins in the cassia cinnamons seems to be larger and may even cause a risk to some people if taken in considerable amounts constantly. Because of this, organizations such as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin, Germany have suggested that huge amounts of the cassia cinnamons be avoided.

The flavour of Ceylon Cinnamon is unmatched by cassia. Ceylon Cinnamon tastes spicy and sweet which is why it can be used on such a wide variety of dishes. Cassia however, tastes more harsh and strong than anything else.

Ceylon Cinnamon has a soft, light brown /orange colour which adds eye candy to any meal, much like saffron. A dirty, dark brown colour belongs to cassia.

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