Amazing Backyard Swings Collection

In case you spent your childhood years with any kind of yard with your house, its possible you have had backyard swings. They are typical fixtures for a lot of houses with kids, and they are usually a thing that many children remember fondly. It’s comforting to know that safety has been the primary focus of many makers of backyard swings so fear shouldn’t stop you from getting one for your children if you want to.

Children fall down all the time, remember that. But they usually get back up again, and that is a part of growing up. As long as you take some simple precautions, your swings should be as safe as it should be.

Now, I’m amazed to see some innovations are made to improve our backyard swings experience. Here are some really cools swings as well as other really great designs that you may want to have at your home.

The Curl Playground Swing

The construction is more unique with idea to attract children along with colours. I have put metal bars instead of chains because they will make movement more stable. Seats are more comfortable. The mechanical system will additionally increase safety and durability of playground swing. – Milos Todorovic, creator.

Backyard Swings for Adults

Kids aren’t the only ones who love to feel the wind against their skin as they swing back and forth in their backyard. Swings for adults are also getting more and more popular. Outdoor furniture design company Viteo had adults in mind when they created the Swing for the Home Collection

Lily Swing

The magical swings create a wonderland atmosphere and provide a tranquil and relaxing place to ‘hang-out’ in the garden.The couple, Fletcher & Myburg, designs and produces the swings mostly from recycled copper, which is durable for years of outdoor use and will patina beautifully with age. The fun “Bubble Swing” is made from stainless steel circles.

Glowing Swing

It was created by artist and designer Alexander Lervik and comes equipped with fiber optic sensors that glow in the dark. The best part is that it only lights up when you’re actually swinging on it, and not when badgers cross its path like some annoying, hyper-sensitive outdoor lights do. It also creates an amazing laser light show.

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