Pregnancy and Flying

Talking about pregnancy and flying is way too random for me. Yet a recent conversation with a pregnant friend has prompted me to read about airline policies as well as general tips when flying while pregnant.

Pregnant women don’t have to be constrained from traveling. The majority of commercial airline allow pregnant women to travel prior to the end of the 35th week of being pregnant, whereupon expectant mothers are totally cautioned not to fly.

Actual conditions and terms from airline to airline are different, and it is really worth getting in touch with airlines ahead of time of traveling to verify their polices. A number of airlines, might ask for a medical certification indicating the expected date of delivery.

Guidelines for for Pregnant Flyers

Women that are pregnant must also be aware that flying has an increased health risk to the baby and mother compared to average traveler.

The chance of DVT is significantly accentuated and DVT preventative in-flight socks needs to be put on.

Background cosmic radiation levels are also greater at altitude, and this can be bad for the fetus. Pregnant women are, for that reason, advised to steer clear of flying throughout the 1st 3 months of being pregnant when possible.

If possible pregnant women should go for a business or first class ticket, particularly if you’re making a extended haul flight. Leg rests promote much better blood circulation, and greater leg room will give you better ease and comfort, as opposed to more confined economy class.

Seat belts needs to be worn low across the pelvis.

Staying away from immobility throughout the flight is extremely important for pregnant women, as the viscosity of their blood has a tendency to increase. Try strolling around the airplane at regular time periods.

Take in lots of water during the entire flight and stay away from the intake of heavy meals that, through extended immobility, can bring about stomach cramping pains and discomfort.

Don’t take sleeping pills to defend against jet lag, as an alternative make an effort to realign your sleeping patterns.

I hope you find this article about pregnancy and flying very useful and may it help you and your cute infant to stay healthy during your travel.

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