People of Wal Mart website insults shoppers

people of wal mart website

A lot of people are searching for the official People of Wal Mart website, a newly launched online collection of ingloriously absurd attires worn by customers while they are shopping inside the big-box retailer. There are photos of some dude in Captain America costume, fat people in tight sweatpants or small scooters, bad hairdos, ugly tattoos, and other weird stuff seen on a day to day basis.

Now, the sites gets so viral and some people are checking it out for fear of seeing their own pictures posted in the site. The founders are 3 guys in their 20s after their short trip somewhere in South Carolina. The People of Wal Mart website is gaining buzz and even praises from powerhouse entertainment and jokes sites such as Funny or Die.

I don’t expect this site to last long given Wal Mart’s aggresive PR and marketing arm. Perhaps a cease and desist order is on the works as of this writing.

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One thought on “People of Wal Mart website insults shoppers”

  1. I do not know how to react on this. But after I read the post I half laughed. I couldn’t imagine people at Wal Mart wearing those weird outfits. I wonder what’s gotten into them.

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