Kanye West – Taylor Swift incident: Staged or Real?

kanye west taylor swift incident video

The Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident during the VMAs has created such a buzz online and offline. Now, there are speculations that it is even scripted, just like the Eminem/Bruno gay stunt. Here are some points from the ever so nosy Gawker:

But why Swift so readily give up the mic? And how did Kanye get such easy access to the stage? I think it all started on the red carpet, where Kanye was conspicuously drinking from a bottle of booze and Beyoncé was talking up how she hoped that Swift would “get her moment” at the awards. It all just seems like foreshadowing for the unfortunate event. As for the production, well, WWE has been pulling stunts like this and making them look real(ish) for years.

Why did she give up the mic so readily? First, she’s a teenage girl, probably in a daze at the greatest moment of her life. Suddenly, there is Kanye West in her face grabbing her at hand, would you put up a fight? If that were me and I was a teenage Taylor I would just be shocked and think he was about to do some tribute to me or make a speech about Michael Jackson or something. The conspicuously drinking—well, its not the first time Kanye has done that either. Beyoncé wishing Taylor well does create a very neat circle, but a bit too neat to be planned.

This is just a part of the debate and I’m sure there will be more to come in the next few days. My side? I don’t think it was staged. Kanye is notorious for his stupidity and this is just one of them.

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