Unidentified creature found in Panama

unidentified creature panamaFor some reason alien sightings are always intriguing. After all, aren’t you curious about life outside earth? Now, there is an unidentified creature in Panama that got some experts and common folks talking. According to a news report, a group of teens found this creature and killed it when it came towards them. It looks like a character from alien movies like ET and War of the Worlds.

Zoologists examining this unidentified creature in Panama said it resembles a dead fetus and they are still doing some tests to confirm this hunch. Another possibility is this is any animal in stages of decomposition. However, the teenagers’ story contradicts this theory. They claimed it was alive and moved towards them so they killed it. If you look closely you’ll see some signs of injuries probably from rocks. I guess we have to wait for a few days to know who’s telling the truth.

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