The Informant reviews

the informant reviewMatt Damon’s latest movie The Informant is now in theaters. Here are some of the Informant reviews I’ve gathered. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 78% rating and an overall verdict: A charismatic turn by star Matt Damon and a consistently ironic tone boost this quietly funny satire about a corporate whistle-blower.

Quotes from other critics about this funny movie:

Few directors other than Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino can make films with the same geek joy — the same love of cinematic history — as Steven Soderbergh. – Amy Biancolli of Houston Chronicle

A bait-and-switch film that promises caper comedy with silly hair and dated-fashion costumes, and ends up with something that’s much weirder — a marshmallow-light corporate satire. – Liam Lacey of Globe and Mail

It suggests that in a world gone mad, even the good guys can be a little cracked, and that, in an age of self-indulgence, it might be hard for a whistleblower to heed his own alarms. – Chris Vognar of Dallas Morning News

If Soderbergh’s offbeat approach seems alienating at first, the film’s second half is loaded with hilariously bizarre revelations, which are actually true to the case. – Dan Lybarger of

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