Broken collarbone recovery time may take up to 12 weeks

Broken collarbone recovery timeA lot of people are searching for the phrase “broken collarbone recovery time” and I’m guessing it has something to do with football since it’s the start of NFL and college football madness. And because I have some bets in Pro Line as well this term stirred my curiosity that I’m compelled to write it here.

I’m no medical expert so after some research I found out that broken collarbone “should heal completely within 12 weeks, but the pain usually subsides within a few weeks. Often patients are back to full activities before 12 weeks has passed, especially with younger patients.”

“Recovery is usually complete, with a full return expected. Patients may notice a persistent bump where the fracture was (often for months or longer), but this should not be bothersome”

So there you go sports fanatics and heavy gamblers. If your favorite quarterback did get injured then perhaps you may want to change your bets…for now.


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