Stink bugs in Pennsylvania a growing problem

stink bugs in pennsylvaniaFor some reason stink bugs have been a big nuisance in Pennsylvania over the years. These pests emit nasty odor when killed or squashed, thus the name stink bugs. And now online communities are curious about these annoying creatures.

According to some pest control experts these bugs are quite difficult to get rid of once they are at home in your house. The best time to get rid of them is this fall for they get worse during winter and spring seasons.

Heres a good advice on how to get rid of stink bugs: Reduce their entry points while it is still warm outside. Seal any holes, cracks and gaps in and around siding, chimneys, air conditioning units and ceilings, as well as underneath fascia boards, with a high-quality, weather-resistant sealant. Also, install kick plates, door sweeps or sheet metal underneath exterior doors, and weather stripping around doors and windows.

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