Power Mat Wireless Charging finally arrives

power mat wireless charging
Powermat has been hyping its wireless chargers for a long time now. In fact, it has been a buzz since CES 2009. The long wait is finally over as Power Mat Wireless Charging system is finally available to the general public.

This device is a one-plug one-pad charging system that supplies power to all your gadgets in one place without the hassle of traditional wires. It works by attaching a “Powermat Receiver” sleeve to your gadgets and gizmos so it can utilize magnetic induction charging to restore power.

Magnetic induction? Wow that’s really heavy stuff! Well, not actually. It’s basically the system technology behind your Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush and that charger for the newly launched Palm Touchstone.

Retail price set is $99.99 while the receiver costs another $40 each. Powermat has cases available for RIM BlackBerry (Bold, Curve 8300, Curve 8900, Pearl) Apple iPhone 3G, Nintendo DS portable gaming system, and iPod touch. Quite pricey but that’s what you have to pay to be absolutely cool.

Power Mat Wireless Charging system is now available now at selected Target and Best Buy retail and online stores.

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