Best Halloween costume ideas for college students

It’s a big misconception that Halloween parties are for kids. In fact, so many people are actually searching for Halloween costume ideas for college students these days as they get ready to hit the clubs and other parties in the university. Here are my collection of best costumes college students must wear this 2009:

Adam & Eve
adam eve costume
Great for college couples to symbolize the tragedy of Adam and Eve. Others buy costumes but this one is really the most creative I’ve seen :)

Star Wars Costumes
star wars costumes
Star Wars and Star Trek are classic costumes that haven’t lost charm since the 80s. You can dress up like the ex-Jedi Darth Maul or the sexy Princess Leia wearing her golden slave bikini.
darth maul costume

Playboy Bunny or even Hugh Hefner
playboy costumes
This might your only opportunity to look like a real playboy. Hugh Hefner’s trademark red bathrobe has inspired so many people that it became a usual sight during Halloween parties. Ideal if you have multiple dates who can dress up as playboy bunnies.

Nurse in “Dirty” White
nurse costume
Nurse costume has been done time and time again but it never gets old. If you have a great bod and willing to flaunt it, wearing a nurse costume will add to your sex appeal. Be creative so you will stand out from the rest.

Angel and Demons
angel costume
Yet another classic but you can add a twist. While college women usually play the lustful angel, she can also play the sexy demon. The costumes lend themselves to creativity and there is now way in telling who the angel is and who the demon is!

There you go, these are my favorite Halloween costume ideas for college students this 2009. Check out or any retail store before it’s too late.

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