Motorola Droid reviews

motorola droid reviews

Even before its release date this November 6, major gadget blgggers already published Motorola Droid reviews – the so-called iPhone and BlackBerry killer powered by powerhouse companies Verizon Wireless and Google Android operating system. I have compiled several reviews from infamous bloggers like Gizmodo, PC World and CNET:

Perhaps one of the top highlights of Android 2.0 is the expanded capabilities of the personal information management tools, including e-mail, calendar, and contacts. The Droid now offers native Microsoft Exchange synchronization out of the box for e-mail, calendar, and contacts, in addition to support for Gmail and POP3 and IMAP accounts…

…Especially snappy is the Droid’s Web browser, which loads images quickly thanks to the powerful 550MHz processor and speedy hardware-accelerated graphics. Though you are at the mercy of your 3G high-speed data network coverage, once you’re in it, Web surfing is breezy and smooth. Video from sites such as YouTube looks equally impressive; the playback of a high-definition YouTube cartoon (”Sita Sings the Blues”) was excellent, with no stalling or audio dropouts.

Though many users will welcome a physical keyboard, we weren’t particularly impressed. The keys are flush and squashed next to each other, which makes it difficult to text quickly or by feel. Also, though the buttons do give a slight downward “push,” they’re a bit slick and we were thrown off by the “dummy keys” on either end of the bottom row. On the whole it is a better experience than the T-Mobile G1, but not nearly as comfortable as on the Cliq or even on the Samsung Moment.

The 3.7-inch display, packed with pixels, looks simply amazing. Text is ridiculously crisp, thanks to a 854×480 resolution that makes for 267ppi. (The iPhone is 163ppi.) Seriously, looking at my inbox is kinda making me drool. Besides clarity, touch response seems dead on. The keyboard works way better than it looks. It appears flat, but there’s a slight bump to every key that, combined with the soft rubber texture, just works.

So far so good. I’ve been using an Android-powered mobile phone – HTC Magic – and I can vouch for the operating system’s superiority and user-friendliness.

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