Action Figures for Sale – the Bestsellers in 2009

action figures

Action figures and toy trucks are the two most popular Christmas toys for boys and even adults who are young at heart. The number of people searching for action figures for sale is growing at a very fast pace as we enter the holiday season.

If you’re having a hard time finding the best action figures for your kids or even boyfriend/husband, this post will serve as your guide.

Action figures are plastic replica of famous characters usually seen in the movies, comics, TV programs, and even video games. Some of them are quite affordable while collector’s items are really expensive. Nowadays, action figures have become so artistic and very meticulous in design. Some are good for playing while others are treated like fine pieces of art.

Common action figures include Batman, Superman, Bakugan, Spiderman Transformers, classic G.I. Joes, and sports stars like Michael Jordan. Action figures from movies are also hot among kids. These include Harry Potter, Wall-E, and other Disney movies. There’s even an action figure of Twilight character, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson).

10 Top Selling Action Figures in 2009

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