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Fast Food Ads vs. Reality

Have you ever noticed how those fast food commercials’ pictures make the food look really good.  Ever notice what you actually get at one of these fast food joints?  It usually doesn’t look anything like what they show you on TV.

Well, we uncovered a great website that displays the food taken from a commercial, versus the actual food that was purchased at the fast food restaurant.  Below is an example of the Beef and Cheddar sandwich from Arby’s

Beef CheddarBeef Cheddar Actual

Visit Fast Food: Ads vs Reality to check out the other great pictures.

Barbie and Ken to Reunite? Mattel Launches new Digital Campaign

Ken and Barbie

Mattel, Inc,  which is the company that makes Barbie and Ken dolls, has launched a digital marketing campaign to reunite the two famous dolls.  If you were not aware, in 2004, on Valentine’s day, Ken and Barbie split up, and have been separated ever since.

What Mattel has done is create where you can go and vote on whether Barbie should take back Ken.  Since the split in 2004, Ken and Barbie had let separate lives, but now Ken wants Barbie back.  So the digital marketing and social media campaign has begun.

Ken and Barbie first met in 1961, and had been dating throughout the decades until 2004 when they decided to split up.  Ken started to date Blaine, who was an Aussie surfer.  Apparently Ken’s true love is Barbie, and now you can decide!

Mattel has created Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare accounts for both Ken and Barbie.  Barbie has nearly 1.9 million likes on Facebook, while Ken only has 30,000 likes.  Clearly, the world has a love affair with Barbie.

I think that Mattel has an interesting concept using digital and social media marketing techniques.  This can definitely go viral as Mattel has the money to invest to spread the word.  We all know that it only takes a small percentage of users to become aware of something to start spreading it to their friends which then goes viral.

So, How are people voting?

Ken and Barbie Love-O-Meter