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Obama Joker Poster

obama joker poster Mover over Heath Ledger. We have a new Joker. The online communities are buzzing about the Obama Joker poster – the face of US President Barack Obama portrayed as the Joker with a caption “socialism” below. These malicious posters have started appearing in Los Angeles.

According to LA Weekly , “Obama is shown with white makeup on his face and, like the Joker in the Batman movie, he has his mouth slit wide open with the word “socialism” on the bottom. The poster has been plastered on freeway columns and other public places around the city.” Continue reading Obama Joker Poster

Building implosion goes wrong in Turkey

What started out as a routine building implosion ended up in building roll over. In a demolition in Turkey, a building was supposed to collapse onto itself but for some “technical” reason, it rolled over and almost hit into another apartment building. This is a classic example of an implosion gone wrong. Luckily no one was hurt and no major damaged was incurred.

7 year old drives car to escape church

Admit it. Some kids are really pain in the ass. And they get younger and younger lately. Take for instance this 7 year-old boy from Utah who stole his dad’s car in an attempt to escape from church! The reckless rugrat clocked as fast as 40 mph and narrowly missed another vehicle. In the end, the the 7 year old boy is not yet legally liable for anything because of his age. I guess we just have to wait for a few more years before we see this kind behind bars.