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Cargoshell Collapsible Shipping Containers


Cargoshell is a brand new eco-friendly idea for freight storage containers. They are constructed from composites and for that reason significantly lighter than the usual metal container. This company thinks that shipping of a light and portable container will save power (generated by fossil fuels) and as a consequence minimizes CO2-emission significantly.
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Rethink Hanger

rethink hanger

Who would ever think that used bottled water can be used as hanger too? That’s what Rethink Hanger is all about. It basically turns two ordinary plastic beverage bottles into a unique clothes hanger by screwing the bottles into the hook. It presents a way to encourage the reuse of already consumed items by forming a new functional product. Available in colors Green and Yellow.
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Chickadee and Me woolies

chickadee and me woolies
Chickadee and Me is a good business idea strongly rooted on a mother’s love for her baby and passion to save the environment. In an article, founder and new mom Sarah Eddy switched to cloth diapers because she feels guilty knowing that these disposable diapers pile up in landfills. From this passion comes the birth of handmade woolies.

After experimenting with various cloth diaper brands and styles, the 2005 Grand Valley State University grad ended up at her sewing machine making appliquéd diaper covers called “woolies” out of the softest wool sweaters she could find. These woolies are worn over cloth diapers and come in a range of styles including brieflike “soakers,” capri-length “shorties,” full-length “longies” and even “footies” that cover the child from waist to toe.
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