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Ovopur Water Filter

Ovopur water filter
Ovopur water filter is what you’ll get if you combine utilitarian sculpture with eco-friendly water filtration system. Created by Canadian entrepreneur Manuel Desrochers, this 23-pound ceramic egg-shaped device can hold about 2.9 gallons of water.

Most importantly, it combines gravity and a glass filter cartridge to purify ordinary tap water. It’s a stylish twist on the 5-gallon plastic water cooler that has been the standard-bearer in homes and offices for years.

To minimize waste, Desrochers utilizes reusable and recycle materials as much as possible. It means the filter inside the Ovopur is reusable, made of blown glass and containing four layers of activated carbon, a zinc and copper alloy, quartz, and a layer of tiny, porous ceramic beads.
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Sun-dried edible squid bottles

squid bottle

It’s about time to have an edible bottle to go with our favorite drink. And you can count on the Japanese to do something like that. Now, they have created sun-dried squid bottles to replace their traditional sake bottles. It’s recyclable and did I mention edible?

Backtracking a bit, the process begins when cuttlefish are caught, cleaned, and set out in the sun to dry. The skins may be stuffed with rice or grain to help them form to the shapes of bottles. After the squid have been sun-dried to a nice golden brown, they’re ready for their reincarnation as liquor bottles – you should be so lucky.

When warm or hot sake is poured into an Ika Tokurri, the liquor will absorb flavoring from the squid making the taste somewhat smoother and milder. The bottle can be used about 5 or 6 times; after that it can be eaten!


RD Legs product innovation

Making the RD Legs chair from Cohda Design on Vimeo.

The RD (Roughly Drawn) Legs Limited Edition chairs are hand woven in 100% recycled domestic plastic waste. Building on the early experimental plastic processes developed by Richard, the design uses no glues or additional fixings in its production. All we add is heat and skill. T

his design has been widely recognised as one of the ‘00s major iconic ECO products and was short listed in the category of “Innovation” in the House and Garden Classic design awards at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Batch runs of the design have been limited to 25 chairs per colour.