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New Heinz Ketchup Packaging

heinz ketchup

Heinz Dip & Squeeze has launched its first ever dual-function packaging that presents ketchup enthusiasts two awesome ways of enjoying Heinz Ketchup: choose to tear off the tip to press with pinpoint accuracy and reliability, or maybe peel off the top for easy dipping.

That means more ketchup when it’s wanted and where it’s wanted with less mess and a better overall dining experience. Now, busy Americans have a portable, clean and versatile package that makes it easier and more fun to dip or squeeze Heinz Ketchup no matter where they are.


Party Box Business

party box business

Parties are great but these days who has time to prepare and buy everything? Thanks to great business ideas like Posh Part Boxes, party can actually be fun.

Founded by San Clemente entrepreneur, Sue Pierce, the main goal of her small business is “to create a one-stop shopping experience for busy women who wanted something special but had no time to shop”.
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Make-your-own-pancakes restaurant

slappy cakes

In Portland, Oregon there’s a full-service breakfast and lunch restaurant called Slappy Cakes that have these built-in griddles in each table allowing customers to create and cook their own pancakes right at the table.

For the “make your own pancakes,” they have a variety of batter options including buttermilk, buckwheat, vegan and gluten-free. Accompaniments such as nuts, berries, chocolate, etc., are offered to add more twist to your pancakes. Batter costs $ 5 for an 8-oz. bottle; toppings are $1 each.

If you’re in the restaurant business, adding fun and little bit of customization might help boost your sales and even improve your brand image.