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Best Halloween costume ideas for college students

It’s a big misconception that Halloween parties are for kids. In fact, so many people are actually searching for Halloween costume ideas for college students these days as they get ready to hit the clubs and other parties in the university. Here are my collection of best costumes college students must wear this 2009:

Adam & Eve
adam eve costume
Great for college couples to symbolize the tragedy of Adam and Eve. Others buy costumes but this one is really the most creative I’ve seen :)

Star Wars Costumes
star wars costumes
Star Wars and Star Trek are classic costumes that haven’t lost charm since the 80s. You can dress up like the ex-Jedi Darth Maul or the sexy Princess Leia wearing her golden slave bikini.
darth maul costume

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Halloween costumes ideas for women

Looking for Halloween costumes ideas for women? You better hurry girl – only 1 week left before Halloween parties and other gigs. Costumes range from fairy costumes, fantasy costumes, sexy costumes and even Medieval costumes. Here are the top selling Halloween costumes for women:

pirate costume

Sexy Marauder’S Pirate Wench Halloween Costume
This costume is very cute and the quality is very good. It’s sexy and comfortable to wear. Will definitely get you noticed in the parties.
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CJ Jeans by Cookie Johnson gets love from Oprah

cookie johnsonCJ jeans by Cookie Johnson got a very big publicity today thanks to Oprah. And anytime Oprah commends someone or something, people will follow. Cookie Johnson jeans are denims designed for curvy women who have money. Owned by the wife of former LA Lakers superstar Magic Johnson, Cookie appeared in the Oprah show and that’s all she needs to build her brand.

Make no mistake. CJ jeans are quite pricey averaging from $150 to $200. Cookie Johnson says she created these denims for women who have a figure like hers – “fit but curvy”. It’s also based on her frustation to “find jeans to fit my body type” and “try on every pair in the store and leave with nothing”
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