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Project Implicit bias test exposes your dark side

project implicit bias testRace and gender are very sensitive issues around the world. And it in our nature to believe that we’re not biased in any way. Project Implicit is online test designed by Harvard University to basically “examine thoughts and feelings that exist either outside of conscious awareness or outside of conscious control.”

This research tool has been around since 1995 and has completed more than 11 million tests with only 1 goal in mind – to discover our possible unconscious biases.

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Meghan McCain twitter photo so hot

meghan mccain twitter photo
When I saw Meghan McCain twitter photo, man, she’s so hot! I got myself a new crush! Unfortunately, it has created such a stir in the online and political communities. After all, she’s a daughter of former US presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.

According to some news reports, she apologized late Wednesday after posting her photo on Twitter wearing a tank top and sweat pants. Some people call her slut while others bash her
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Will Ferrell health care parody video

Will Ferrell uses parody and wit to prove a rather strong point in the ongoing debate over health care in the U.S. The comic genius has found a very interesting ploy – to stand up for the true victims of health care reform: the health insurance executives :)