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Local board game breaks the rule

AttendornGoing local is a buzzword commonly used in the context of online marketing. What if you take this concept to board games? Then you have Attandarra, a local board game created by Horst Rokitte based on the real medieval history of Attendorn – a town in western Germany.

Without the backing of a major publisher for Attandarra – as his town was known during the Middle Ages – Rokitte took matters into his own hands and started promoting it locally.

“When I added the local reference, I had to rely – in terms of marketing – on the pre-sale of the game in Attendorn. Once there was a certain number of pre-sale orders, I decided to publish it myself,” said Rokitte.

He ordered 1,000 copies of Attandarra, and stored them in his garage. After publishing the game in March, he’s sold about 480 copies so far. That’s not bad for a self-publisher, said Rokitte.

According to Rokitte, prototype testing is essential to uncover flaws. “It’s important that the game is tested when you are not present, because otherwise you are inclined to explain your game and direct the players,” said the game maker.


Memolio makes web-to-print application cool


memolio™ albums are a fantastic new kind of album created using a brand new web-to-print application. It can be used for both personal and business use as tiny portfolios, photo albums, promotional brochures, teaching aids, manuals and guides.

Bringing online to offline is an exciting trend considering that not so long ago the whole world rushed to bring offline materials online and now consumers are looking for new ways to bring online data back to the physical world again.


Zappos moves to print publishing

zappos lifeWhile most businesses are moving from offline to online, online shoes seller Zappos is taking the road less traveled with the launch of its printed catalog named “Zappos Life” directly to consumer. The e-shop plans to mail 750,000 copies this holiday.

The catalog will have a fashion and design focus, highlighting products such as handbags, jewelry, clothing, and fragrances in addition to Zappos’ most notable product: footwear. Among the featured brands are Cole Haan, Guess, Calvin Klein, Lucky, Stila, True Religion, and Stuart Weitzman.

This is actually the third published issue of “Zappos Life” this year. The brand explained that the first two issues were test runs for consumers. The company will scrutinize consumer reaction to this edition and take into account every aspect of customer satisfaction from the weight of the catalog to its page count.