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Droid 2 Explodes in Man’s Ear

Cedar Hill, Texas person Aron Embry says that his brand-new Droid 2 exploded. Often, any time mobile phones burst (and indeed, they actually do explode on occasion), they are inside a pants pocket where high temperature is easily trapped. Embry states he was speaking on his cell phone when it popped, causing him with an injury on his ear that needed 4 stitches.

Even though he states he did not really feel any kind of discomfort, when he noticed he had been bleeding, he hurried to meet up with his spouse Kara, who at first assumed Aron have been in a car crash. Kara took photographs in order to report the harm, after which called 911.

Surprisingly Embry sustained no hearing problems, and his mobile phone, in spite of looking a bit shattered, nevertheless is working. Aron is at this time without medical insurance, and is wishing that Motorola should help handle the expenses of his emergency room visit. The company mentioned it’s now looking at the claim.

Ellen’s iPhone Spoof

Every iPhone user feels he or she has the best smarthpone in the world ever. But this very funny Ellen’s iPhone Commercial got the whole world talkin’ and even managed to piss the world’s coolest company, Apple.

According to some news articles, TV host Ellen DeGeneres had to apologized on air for “mocking” the phone! This goes to show how influential Ellen is and how it can shape other people’s beliefs…

Here’s Ellen DeGeneres’ apology the next day!

Houston Dome Project – A Controversial Concept

The futuristic Houston Dome project is creating a big buzz in the online community for its amazing design and controversial impact to human society. Some experts say it will help save United States’ 4th largest city from natural disasters such as extreme heat and violent hurricanes. On the other hand, human rights activists believe this is a huge prison that will curtail freedom.

As featured in Discovery Channel, a team of engineers believe the only strategy to save the troubled city is to move it indoors. It’s estimated that this dome is around 21 million sq feet – making it the biggest structure with roof in the whole world.
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