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Giant Crossword Apartments

If you’re looking to improve tourism in your city perhaps having a giant crossword puzzle is the answer. At least, for people of Lvov City in Ukraine that’s their strategy. They set up a 100 feet tall giant crossword at the wall of residential houses. What makes it even interesting is during morning it looks empty but when you visit at night you will see there are answers written!

The questions on this puzzle are scattered around the major stops of the city including theaters, fountains, monuments. etc. The idea is to create a sense of adventure for people to go and visit these great spots so they can find all the questions and answer it in front of the building. Better yet, wait at night to check if their answers are correct.
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Houston Dome Project – A Controversial Concept

The futuristic Houston Dome project is creating a big buzz in the online community for its amazing design and controversial impact to human society. Some experts say it will help save United States’ 4th largest city from natural disasters such as extreme heat and violent hurricanes. On the other hand, human rights activists believe this is a huge prison that will curtail freedom.

As featured in Discovery Channel, a team of engineers believe the only strategy to save the troubled city is to move it indoors. It’s estimated that this dome is around 21 million sq feet – making it the biggest structure with roof in the whole world.
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Hunt Stockholm Away Ads

hunt game take away

Located in the city of Stockholm, Hunt is a hunting store that speaks to the urban hunter in an urban way. Hunt position itself as a brand that brings an urban mindset to the forest.

Brief: Create attention and interest for Hunt (Stockholm based Hunting Store) and their Hunting Certification Exam.

Solution: The whole forest is a huge take away full of game – and if you take a hunting certification exam it’s always open.
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