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Necker Nymph – Virgin’s Aero-Submarine

necker nymph

Here’s the latest addition to Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin empire. Introducing Necker Nymph – a three-person aero submarine and is the first of its kind to hit the market. Here’s the press release:

Available either when chartering Necker Belle, the luxury 105 foot catamaran, or when staying on Necker Island, underwater flight on Necker Nymph takes exploration to another level. Gliding on the water’s surface like an aeroplane on a runway, one of the three pilots will operate the joystick to smoothly dive down, and the thrilling experience begins. Uncover ancient shipwrecks, fly side-by-side with dolphins, or spyhop with whales; the options are endless.
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Airport sleeping rooms are here

Airport napping rooms

Finding a place to rest during in between flights is something that many travelling entrepreneurs crave for. Now, here’s an interesting service and business opportunity if you’re in the travel industry. Tiny airport sleeping rooms is officially in the U.S.

Atlanta, the world’s largest airport, opened five Minute Suites this month where tired passengers can doze for $30 an hour. The rooms — 7 feet by 8 feet, or about the size of two office cubicles put together — are equipped with a daybed sofa, pillows (with disposable covers), fresh blankets, a small desk, Internet access and a flat-screen 32-inch monitor with DirecTV and flight information. They have systems to mask noise.

The rooms are designed to attract more than just those who want a nap. They’re meant to appeal to travelers who don’t have a membership at an airline club, parents with cranky children, businessmen and women wishing to get a head start on a presentation, and sports fans who want to watch a game.

Several companies are already making some early moves in this industry. These are Minute Suites at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta’s B Concourse, Unique Retreat at San Francisco International and Edo Traveler Suites at several American and Canadian airports.