Twoddler a twitter for tots

Twoddler is a very innovative technology that will allow even babies to update their status just like teens and young adults do with twitter. Winner of the 2009 Innovative and Creative Applications competition winner, it uses hardware/software/social net mashup to communicate with parents.

“The tech is essentially quite simple: The team took a Fisher Price Activity Center, hacked its guts by adding sensors and an Arduino board to handle the computer-Twitter interface and added pics of mommy and flashing lights to the gizmos on the device’s front. When a baby plays with the toy now the electronics work out what’s going on and send a Tweet that corresponds to the baby’s actions. For example, if the baby plays with the button that has a picture of mom on it for longer than a few minutes, a Tweet will go out with text something like “@mom. Baby is missing you lots.” There’s more too: If more than one Twoddler is connected up to the net, then baby can join a physical social net, of sorts, and activate flashing lights on their peers machines too–a kind of group play with a virtual-reality angle.”

INCA Award 2009 WINNER: Twoddler from IBBT on Vimeo.