Sound and pricing psychology

pricing psychology

Who would have thought that the sound of your selling price can strongly affect perception of your target customers. This very interesting study published in the Journal of Consumer research truly creates a noise in my mind.

“Phonetic symbolism affects price perceptions because consumers typically process, encode, and retain numbers (and hence prices) in memory in multiple formats,” the authors write. Consumers encode what a price looks like and sounds like along with a relative numeric value that the price represents (such as, “It is inexpensive”).
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Party Box Business

party box business

Parties are great but these days who has time to prepare and buy everything? Thanks to great business ideas like Posh Part Boxes, party can actually be fun.

Founded by San Clemente entrepreneur, Sue Pierce, the main goal of her small business is “to create a one-stop shopping experience for busy women who wanted something special but had no time to shop”.
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Emotify – express yourself with emoticons


Emotify aims to change the way online readers tag and sort their favorite web pages. Instead of the usual icons such as Digg, twitter or Stumbleupon, emotify wants us tag and bundle comments based on how it make us feel.
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