How to turn product ideas to reality

product ideasSome of the best product designs and ideas remain forever as concepts/prototypes and never reached the general consumers. Maybe because of lack of funding or perhaps the innovator doesn’t know the next steps. I chanced upon a blog post in StartUpNation about the steps you need to take to take a great concept to market. Here’s the gist:

  • Determine which idea you want to take to market. Even though you have 100’s of ideas, it is not realistic to expect to develop, and take them all to market
  • Determine if you have the legal right to take that idea to market. Do a patent or intellectual property (IP) search at to search patent and trademark names
  • Determine if the product idea can me manufactured cost/profitably. There is nothing worse than spending some much time and resources on developing a product idea if it cannot be reasonably produced and then sold at retail for a profit
  • Determine who will buy your product. Spend some time researching who will be the main consumers who will buy from you
  • Determine where that product will be sold


photo by peia