DJ Granny Rules the Club

It’s never too late to learn something new. I guess that’s the mantra of DJ Granny, the 69-year old British disc jockey who is a big hit in trendy night clubs in Paris. And she’s even booked for the next Cannes Film Festival!

According to several interviews, DJ Ruth Flowers learned how to spin at the tender age of 65 during her grandson’s birthday party. But she’s no stranger to music. DJ Granny is a trained singer and it took year 4 long years to become a really great spinner.

Flowers’ sets are fusion of techno and dance peppered with rock by the likes of Queen and the Rolling Stones. She is now doing her first single and believe it or not she has no plans to retire yet!


Giant Crossword Apartments

If you’re looking to improve tourism in your city perhaps having a giant crossword puzzle is the answer. At least, for people of Lvov City in Ukraine that’s their strategy. They set up a 100 feet tall giant crossword at the wall of residential houses. What makes it even interesting is during morning it looks empty but when you visit at night you will see there are answers written!

The questions on this puzzle are scattered around the major stops of the city including theaters, fountains, monuments. etc. The idea is to create a sense of adventure for people to go and visit these great spots so they can find all the questions and answer it in front of the building. Better yet, wait at night to check if their answers are correct.
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Alice in Wonderland Ratings Quite Mixed

The infamous movie critic site, RottenTomatoes, have a combined Alice in Wonderland ratings of 54%! The consensus? Critics believe Tim Burton’s Alice sacrifices the book’s minimal narrative coherence — and much of its heart — but it’s an undeniable visual treat. Despite the not so favorable feedback, the movie managed to set a new record for March openings in North America as it earned around $41 million just on opening day.

Here are some reviews from different sites:

Gorgeously mounted but fundamentally humdrum, Tim Burton’s movie achieves sumptuous beauty with ease but fails to connect on a full-bodied emotional level, making for a pleasant but somewhat empty ride. – from Screen International

The movie’s strengths are the costumes, the makeup, the production design, the special effects, the vocal work and a terrific musical score by Danny Elfman that has a quality of magic and wonderment missing from the screenplay. – Entertainment Spectrum

…the visuals are overwhelming, the direction to most of the cast seems to be to chew the scenery, and we’re back to a movie being released in 3D for no discernible reason. – New England Movies Weekly

Alice is a really good time, as well as a great example of how 3-D can be effectively used as a tool to immerse us in imaginary worlds. – Aisle Seat

Then again, critics criticize because that’s their job. The best way to find out if these Alice in Wonderland ratings are true is to see it for yourself.