Brooks and Dunn Tickets Goes on Sale

Starting today, Brook and Dunn tickets are on sale for their last show entitled “The Last Rodeo Tour”. The American country song duo will say goodbye to their fans after 20 long years of entertaining fans around the globe.

Ticket price for the show ranges from $19 to $65. The dynamic duo is considered one of the most successful collaborations in the history of music. If you remember, legendary singers Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn announced last summer that they would go to different paths after a nationwide tour in 2010. Last fall, they released their greatest hits compilation and this year they will perform these songs in different cities and states.

As early as today, some ticket buyers are complaining about high ticket prices from online sites like TicketMaster. Some tickets go as high as $1,000 per seat! Imagine the ripoff fans will face in the coming days!

Houston Dome Project – A Controversial Concept

The futuristic Houston Dome project is creating a big buzz in the online community for its amazing design and controversial impact to human society. Some experts say it will help save United States’ 4th largest city from natural disasters such as extreme heat and violent hurricanes. On the other hand, human rights activists believe this is a huge prison that will curtail freedom.

As featured in Discovery Channel, a team of engineers believe the only strategy to save the troubled city is to move it indoors. It’s estimated that this dome is around 21 million sq feet – making it the biggest structure with roof in the whole world.
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Start Your Own Gift Basket Business

gift basket business

Gift basket business is really a good type of a small venture that brings together creative imagination as well as entrepreneurial spirt. They might well be the nearest thing to the perfect present simply because they could be completely custom-made to fit the giver, the receiver, the event as well as the sought after price tag. There is also a pretty good income potential.It does not call for an excessive amount of startup capital. Numerous thriving gift basket companies were started out using only a few hundred dollars.

The two main gift basket markets would be the individual gift-giver and also the business customer. Each tend to be profitable and also interesting to do.
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