Circular Book Case by David Garcia

ARCHIVE II is a round wheel book archive that functions as a nomadic library, where the user can travel with his own books. Once still, it creates a room for meeting and inspiration, generating a special acoustic echo for the reader inside the wheel.


Amazing Sand Sculptures Pictures

Be it a young child on the beach front making a sand castle or a number of expert sand sculptors replicating a renowned landmark, the outcome is usually a thing of beauty. To enjoy the illusion and splendor of sand sculpture art, check out these images below.

Sand sculpting is definitely an art form, since it calls for the person’s creativeness and visualization. Like in all other types of art, the artist will need to have skill, tolerance and a lot of training so as to boost his or her work. At some point, even with the use of basic equipment, amazing showpieces will come out.

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Decathlon 2010 Inspiring Ads

Here’s an advertising campaign for Decathlon from April 4 to April 28 created by ad agency Young & Rubicam Paris. France. The photo above has a tagline “Nothing stops a runner”.

Tagline: “Explore new worlds”. Decathlon ad from April 19 to May 3 Bike Promo

Tagline: Make room for hiking. Decathlon ad from April 30 to May 17