Car Bomb in Times Square Scares the City

Police discovered an “amateurish” but possibly potent explosive device that apparently started to detonate but failed to blow up in a smoking sport utility vehicle in Times Square, authorities said Sunday.

A large number of travelers were cleared from the streets for 10 hours right after a T-shirt seller alerted law enforcement on the suspicious automobile, that contained 3 propane tanks, fireworks, 2 loaded 5-gallon gas cans, and 2 clocks with batteries, electrical wire as well as other parts, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.
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Telephone Remake of US Soldiers in Afghanistan

A remake of Lady Gaga’s Telephone by US troops in Afghanistan has proved an internet hit. Entitled “Telephone Remake” garnered over 2 million views since it was put on the web a week ago.It shows soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division doing their own version of the pop queen’s video.