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Texas Stadium Implosion Video

Ironically, even its destruction still gain some huge buzz online as many people on site filmed the implosion and posted them on YouTube. Here’s just one of the amazing videos of this memorable feat. What’s really amazing this whole even it that a food company is sponsored the destruction of an iconic stadium.

According to ESPN, Texas Stadium was blown up Sunday morning, and Kraft Foods paid $75,000 to sponsor the event in order to introduce its “Cheddar Explosion” macaroni and cheese. Odd as all this seems, we must admit we are intrigued by the image of the grand old structure being covered in macaroni and cheese. We don’t think that’s what they mean, though.

An 11-year-old boy won a Kraft essay contest and the right to trigger the dynamite implosion. Presumably, his essay was not titled “Why I Love To Blow Up Things.”

According to The Dallar Morning News, The demolition plan cost just under $6 million. To be prepared for the implosion, the stadium was stripped down to concrete and steel and the lower bowl filled with dirt. It imploded in a domino fashion starting in the southwest end zone, falling simultaneously along both sidelines to finish in the northeast end zone. The roof with its famous hole fell in over the stadium’s footprint.

The Cowboys won all five of their Super Bowl titles while playing in Texas Stadium. They moved to the new $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington last year.