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Sound and pricing psychology

pricing psychology

Who would have thought that the sound of your selling price can strongly affect perception of your target customers. This very interesting study published in the Journal of Consumer research truly creates a noise in my mind.

“Phonetic symbolism affects price perceptions because consumers typically process, encode, and retain numbers (and hence prices) in memory in multiple formats,” the authors write. Consumers encode what a price looks like and sounds like along with a relative numeric value that the price represents (such as, “It is inexpensive”).
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Abstract language more convincing to consumers


If you want to influence your target buyers it’s better to use abstract language instead of concrete language. According to Journal of Consumer Research:

In the course of their studies, the authors found that consumers who described a positive experience with a product (like a smooth shave with a new razor) used more abstract language when they had a positive opinion about the brand before they tried the product. “When consumers were told that the product was a brand they did not like, they used more concrete language to describe a positive experience. Thus, consumers use different ways of describing the exact same experience, depending on whether they use a liked or disliked brand.”

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