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Eye patch underwear a new style for homewreckers

mankiniThe stupidity of California assemblyman Michael Duvall has opened a new fashion style called eye patch underwear – the kinky stuff worn by his sexual partner/lobbyist Heidi DeJong Barsuglia. I don’t know exactly what kind of underwear he was referring too but there are some descriptions and explanations around the Web about this.

Some say it is an “underwear made from an eyepatch. It is typically worn with a parrot on the shoulder and a prosthetic leg” or a “mini thong-type panties that have about the same amount of coverage area as a typical pirate‚Äôs eye patch.”

And another creative description – Think of a patch of fabric, about 2″ triangle, with three strings on it.

I guess we’ll never know what exactly is an eye patch underwear. Perhaps Ms. Barsuglia may want to show us the actual panty to satisfy our curiosity. And in case you’re wondering about the photo here – it’s a mankini as popularized by Borat.