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A misguided view on Freelance Economy

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It’s possible that sometimes business experts got it all wrong. Or perhaps they are looking at the big picture that they tend to neglect the finer details. I don’t hold any MBA or doctorate degree but I can offer my educated opinion and I’m entitled to (because this is my blog).

Take for instance the article of BusinessWeek writer/Case Western Reserve University professor Scott Shane about the negative impact of the so-called Freelance Economy. Here’s the gist of this article:

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in what entrepreneurship in America is becoming. Over the past decade, we have been creating more non-employer businesses and fewer employer businesses per capita. (Employer businesses are companies that the Census Bureau reports have at least one employee; non-employer businesses have no employees.)…

Why am I concerned about this trend? Non-employer businesses aren’t the source of job or wealth creation that employer businesses are, which means the U.S. economy doesn’t benefit as much from them. By definition, non-employer businesses don’t create any jobs, and their sales and profits are quite low.”
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