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Make your own pants online


Welcome to the age of personalization where anyone can get exactly what they want. And this business idea is taking the fashion industry by storm. The rise of the so-called design-your-own clothing business opportunities is expanding the market even to starting businesses.

One of the new players is indiDenim, an online start up that uses cutting-edge technology to let men and women design their own, completely unique pair of jeans. Selling price starts at US$145 with free shipping anywhere in the world.

The rationale: Men and women either can’t find jeans that fit, are wearing jeans that don’t fit properly, or are wearing jeans they think fit properly—but really don’t (this goes out to you: muffin top, camel toe, highwater, baggy thigh and exposed butt crack). indiDenim jeans are made to fit your unique body measurements.
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