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Venus Williams French Open Outfit Outrageous

All I can say ’bout Venus Williams French Open outfit is shame on her! Call it fashion trend or whatever but I don’t think many online readers will go gaga over this new style. I mean for the love of God put something nice and decent hahaha and not that ho-ho lacy black-and-red outfit.

Anyway, Venus Williams gets an easy victory on her opening game at the French Open as she beats Patty Schnyder with consecutive 6-3 victories. Unfortunately, it was not her performance that drew the most attention.

Serena Williams weight stirs curiosity

serena williams weightSerena Williams’ dominant performace in the ongoing U.S. Open and her new book got people talking about her weight. In an interview with People Magazine, the Grand Slam goddess admits that she has the same body issues and concerns just like any other women out there, particularly her big arms and thighs.

When asked about her diet, she claims she doesn’t do diets. “I don’t diet. I hate that word. Diets mean that you rob yourself of stuff that you like, and eventually you’re going to cave in and eat things that aren’t on your diet,” Williams said. “You can’t deprive yourself forever. I eat what I like, but I try to eat it in proportion.There are things that aren’t healthy for me, so I try to eat less of them.” Continue reading Serena Williams weight stirs curiosity